Preparing for a surgical procedure can come with an overwhelming amount of questions and concerns, especially regarding post-operational expectations and needs. Elderly patients often require additional aid and care that regular caregivers are not able to provide.

We offer a short-Stay Rehabilitation with doctors and medical professionals as your best option after surgery.

Below, we provide you with answers to some questions you may have about our facility.

Short-Stay Rehabilitation: Community & Facility

Bridge Care Suites’ location on five manicured acres on the west side of Springfield, Illinois, establishes an idyllic and rejuvenating setting to aid in the transition from hospital to home. Our facility is a convenient distance of ten miles from the medical district.

We value holistic healing and have integrated these values into our facility and environment. As you walk through the campus and rooms, color schemes reflect neutral earth tones, arched openings, custom brickwork, and a warm and peaceful atmosphere. 

At Bridge Care Suites, we don’t want our guests to feel like they are at a short-stay rehabilitation center, but rather a high-end get-away where they can leave feeling better than when they arrived. Our facility comprises 66 suites – 57 private suites and nine semi-private – a living room, café, landscaped walking paths, and additional amenities.

Keeping a social and active lifestyle plays a significant role in maintaining health and overall wellness. An elegant dining room, community and business centers, game room, patios, a theater, and salon are a few of the ways we help to keep social lives thriving. 

The Community At Bridge Care Suites

Upon arrival, guests and visitors are greeted by the welcoming reception staff. Bridge Care Suites’ standards for staff and the nursing team are exceedingly high. Our team is composed of the finest physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, dietitians, activities professionals, and admission and discharge coordinators.

Everyone works together to ease your transition between hospital and home. We value the holistic approach to healing, believing that all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit require attention and balance. 

Nursing stations are situated at the front of each suite corridor. Our nurses are available 24-hours a day, every day, so you are never left without help if and when needed. Likewise, we have a team of staff members available around the clock seven days a week. Everyone on our team is eager and willing to help and ensure the guests’ stay is tranquil and personalized. 

Facility: Private & Semi-Private Rooms

Bridge Care Suites offers guests options between a private or semi-private room. Our facility has fifty-seven private rooms host a spacious 178 square feet of living space. Because our semi-private rooms are designated to house more than one person, they each contain over 288 square feet of living space. Each room is designed to make each guest feel relaxed, comfortable, and like they were at a hotel or a second home. To increase our guests’ comfort level, each room has its own heating and cooling system that allows you to keep your private space at the ideal temperature. Whether your choice is private or semi-private, amenities are high-end, plentiful, and pragmatic. 

Semi-private rooms are an excellent choice for folks who prefer a companion during their stay. There is ample living space, and each guest has their own space. For moments where additional privacy is needed, semi-private rooms have room dividers. 

Every suite has its own private bathroom that consists of a walk-in shower explicitly created for the safety of each guest. It doesn’t stop there; uniquely designed bath spas are available in each bathroom for those who desire a little extra pampering. Each room features panoramic windows that provide refreshing views and can be opened to allow fresh air and those healing summer breezes that smell like fresh-cut grass. The semi-private rooms have a window for each guest. Televisions and in-room phones are provided in each room, too. 

At Bridge Care Suites, we want you to focus on healing and relaxation. Each guest can take advantage of personal laundry services. Additionally, we offer daily housekeeping and linen services. In the case of an emergency or the need for assistance, guests have access to 24-hour call services. 

Facility: Amenities & Accommodations

Like they say, “When you look good, you feel good.”

Just because you are recovering does not mean your care has to be put on hold. Within the main corridor of our facility is a professional, full-service spa and salon. We make sure you continue looking your best while recovering to your best.

Maintaining a social life and activities is invaluable in life and during rehabilitation. We provide a theater for the guests who enjoy a good movie – or several. In our theater, guests can get the whole “movie theater experience.” Multiple films are shown daily, and guests can enjoy their favorite movie snacks while watching on a full screen with surround sound. 

Everyone needs to eat. Guests can enjoy lively dining with others in the dining room. Meals are nutritious, made with fresh ingredients, and exquisite. Each entree is restaurant-style and served three times every day. If socializing over a meal isn’t in the cards for you, opt for room service and have your meal delivered. 

Next to the living room, our guests and their visitors are welcome to help themselves to the café. A fresh cup of coffee and good conversation always go hand-in-hand. Here, at the café, favored hot and cold beverages are served along with pastries and various snacks. 

Keep your brain sharp in the game room or through the many activities planned out by the Active Living department. Daily events include puzzles, crafts, games, computers, and more. The game room is located next to the salon. Spend your free time getting pampered before going next door to show off your card game skills. Bridge Care Suites understands the importance of staying connected to family and friends through social media or browsing the internet in the business center. If you have your laptop, there is facility-wide WiFi available. You can stay in your room or relax in the community center or living room and browse. 

Facility: Rehabilitation & Transportation

Rehabilitation therapy programs are all provided on-site and therapy staff is all employed by Bridge Care Suites to ensure reliability, high standards, and that our guests receive exceptional care. Our equipment is state-of-the-art to ensure safety and the best recovery possible. Coupled with hands-on techniques and compassionate care, we provide security and confidence in seniors’ return to home and daily life after rehabilitation. 

To take the pressure off of scheduling and commute to appointments outside of our facility, we help do it for you. Staff members will communicate with guests’ doctors and schedule appointments per their recommendations. Bridge Care Suites has its own private complimentary transportation service to accommodate our guests’ needs. The facility driver will personally pick you up at your suite and escort you to the vehicle. Transportation is available to and from medical appointments. A family member or trusted friend is encouraged to meet and accompany you at each meeting to assist in any paperwork or progress reports. 

Preparing for a surgical operation often sparks a mix of emotions, preparing for the time of recovery after surgery doesn’t have to be stressful. Allowing your body the time it needs to heal is essential. Bridge Care Suites values the body’s allotted healing time and understands the importance of providing a healing environment in addition to state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff so you can transition home with ease and peace of mind

Stay With Us

Contact us today to schedule your stay with us, at Bridge Care Suites. Our community is full of life, excitement, and compassion. We take pride in being Springfield’s leading post-surgical rehabilitation facility. We are ready to help you get back to living your best life!