We are proud to be awarded the Gold Seal of Approval

This means that we are providing you with the best possible care and are compliant with the highest national standards for safety and quality of care, and we are committed to continually improving patient care outlined by the Joint Commission. This accreditation highlights our continuous commitment to providing the highest quality of care post-surgery for all our senior guests in our community. 

“Accreditation is awarded upon successful completion of an on-site survey. The on-site survey is conducted by a specially trained Joint Commission surveyor or team of surveyors who assess your organization’s compliance with the JACCO standards.”

We Are Joint Commission Accredited!

The Bridge Care Suites has demonstrated continuous compliance with the Joint Commission performance standards in the areas of advanced rehabilitation services and the needs of all patients and residents.

The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.

We are joining a network of over 20,000 health care organizations/programs accredited in the United States.

The Importance of Joint Commission Accreditation

Many healthcare organizations and hospitals have decided on joint commission accreditation or certification in specific treatment centers within their facility. The accreditation aligns healthcare facilities to industry standards on patient care, service quality, and risk mitigation and could also assist with state regulatory compliance. Certifications are usually awarded for two years, after which they will be reviewed depending on the type of certification awarded.

The Benefits of Being Joint Commission Certified

  • Improvement of Patient Care

    Certifications are awarded based on our facility and ability to meet high-quality standards. Clinical practice guidelines are provided to ensure that the optimal level of care is consistently provided to patients.

  • Promotes Excellence

    Alignment with patient care industry standards ensures that our facility remains up to date and is continuously looking at how to improve the care provided.

  • Fulfill Regularity

    Certain states require regulatory compliance, which could be satisfied by obtaining joint commission certification.

  • Provide Better Program Structure

    By compliance with standard requirements, our disease management program maintains high quality.

  • Foster Team Work and Excellence Amongst Staff

    Our staff can improve their knowledge and skills and have a shared vision of providing excellent patient care.

  • Build Better Community Relationships

    Certification of our health facility will help further develop trust within our community of physicians, health care workers, physical therapists, and our referrals.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge

    Becoming certified also differentiates our facility from others, allowing all patients to benefit from the best quality care.

Our Promise

Sharing a passion to maintain the highest standard of care to support a healthy, stronger quality of life. Let’s start a conversation.