Here’s what some former residents and their families had to say about us.
Faster, Better Rehab for After Surgery

“The staff there are so nice and bent over backwards to help everyone. I recommend it to everyone and tell them it was definitely the right place for me after surgery”
Catherine G.
Cheery Atmosphere, Fantastic Food

“This place is beautiful. The atmosphere is so cheery. Also the food is fantastic. The staff is wonderful, very friendly, and helpful. I would highly recommend this place to anybody. The therapy is outstanding!”
Guest Priscilla P.
We Love the Quality Care at Bridge Care Suites

“I would say that I felt my mother got top quality care while she was there. Therefore, I would just highly recommend that anybody place their loved one there.”
Guest Robin M.

Thank you Bridge Care Staff

“My stay was good and therapy was great”

Recent Guest Review

Loved Nurse Missy

“Nurse Missy was great; my wife was unsure of somethings, but Nurse Missy stepped right in and assisted her”.

Recent Guest Review
Clean, Private & Friendly Staff

“The building was nice and clean, and I had a private room. The bathroom was very nice and easy to get around. The therapy was great, and the therapists were always concerned about you and your progress.”
Guest Barbara K.

Families Love Our Facility!

“A friend of Stoneburner and Garman stopped me in the hall. She is a retired R.N. and wanted to let us know that our facility is absolutely stunning, that she is so happy her friends are being well taken care of, and that they are very happy with the care they are receiving here. She said she knows it makes a very good team and great communication to have a facility this great and they are all very grateful for us – that she knows what a bad facility looks like and she thinks we are the best of the best.

Mrs. Polan’s family basically stated that they were wondering what they had to do to get into The Bridge and that they are a bit jealous of the care she is receiving here. Mrs. Polan told them they absolutely could not get injured and come to the Bridge because they had to take care of her when she get’s home in a few weeks!

We will talk about food committee in morning meeting but they didn’t even want me to go over the concerns section because they are so pleased with their stay here and have loved every second of it.”

Staff Miranda L.

Thank you for the great food.

“Food, care, and therapy was great”.

Recent Guest Review 2023

Classy Place!

“Classy Place! The care was wonderful!”

Recent Guest

Successful Rehab!

“I would like to thank everyone who cared for me during my stay at The Bridge- from the therapist, to the nurses, techs, dining staff, housekeeping, transportation, receptionist at the desk and Administration”. I appreciate all that contributed to my successful rehab!”

Received in the mail today
Our family was impressed

“Our family was impressed with his entire stay here from the nursing staff to therapy department. They never had a more pleasant stay anywhere.”
James B.

10 out of 10!

“My stay was great; everyone was nice and would like to rate them a 10”

Recent Patient Review
Professional Staff, Highly Recommend!

“The staff was very professional and caring. I appreciated the therapists. They were fabulous, caring, and pushed you to get better. I’ve already recommended it to people I know and tell them to use my name when they register for reservations. You will definitely get better faster at The Bridge than you will at home. I wouldn’t give therapy 5 stars. I would give them 10!”
Guest Toni H.
Rehab is Excellent!

“I have enjoyed my stay here. I have been to other places in Springfield and I chose to come back here. The staff is friendly, the food is good, and rehab is excellent! By far the best place in Springfield. The rehab is just tremendous!”
Guest Rosemary D.