Short-term rehabilitation, often referred to as “post acute” care, is a specialized healthcare service designed to help individuals heal quickly and improve their quality of life after an illness or medical procedure. 

Additionally, rehabilitation programs are tailored to each senior’s needs and provide comprehensive support for strength, endurance, safety instruction, nutritional guidance, and therapy services. This can range from physical therapy for muscle recovery and mobility to cognitive therapy for memory retention post-treatment. 

24/7 skilled nursing

We provide nursing care such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to help people with eating and swallowing issues as well as cognitive issues. Physical therapy helps people to minimize pain, improve mobility, and recover from injuries or surgery. Occupational therapy offers assistance in learning how to properly use assistive devices while restoring everyday skills like bathing and dressing.  

With care plans specific to each seniors and dedicated team members, we support our patients in regaining the best quality of life possible.

We have a team of highly trained therapy staff 

The staff at the Bridge offers a wide variety of services to help patients recover from their injuries or illnesses. 

From personalized care plans tailored to senior’s needs to utilizing the latest therapeutic techniques and technologies, our team is experienced in providing quality care. 

Furthermore, all staff members have extensive training, certifications, and proven expertise in providing helpful treatments for outpatients, as well as those needing longer-term rehabilitation and specialized medical care.

With years of experience working with countless seniors on their journey to improved health and well-being, you can count on the staff at the Bridge Care for comprehensive treatment solutions.

Experience The Bridge 

We are a renowned healthcare center that provides state-of-the-art care to its patients. In many cases, our seniors see remarkable progress in their health within days of receiving treatment with us. 

Our multidisciplinary medical team works diligently to help our patients reach optimum functioning. Each care plan is tailored to senior’s needs and monitored throughout their stay to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Short-term rehab provides critical support for patients recovering from an injury or surgery. The goal of short-term rehab is to help restore seniors’ physical abilities and return them to their maximum potential as soon as possible. 

Qualified practitioners use evidence-based treatments such as exercises and assistive devices, along with monitoring, to help the patient regain strength, improve balance, increase flexibility, return mobility and range of motion, and address any pain. 

In addition to physical interventions, patients may also benefit from cognitive and occupational therapies which focus on developing skills needed for returning home and feeling confident in activities such as bathing, eating, using stairs, or making transfers (e.g., getting in/out of bed). 

Consider the Bridge for your post acute care

Short-term rehabilitation can be stressful for both the patient and their family, which is why it’s important to choose a quality facility. The Bridge Care Suites has garnered a stellar reputation for its top-notch care, complete with spacious suites and all the amenities for the patient’s comfort and convenience. 

With therapy staff available 24/7 and a wide range of physical therapy services, rest assured your loved one will be in great hands with us. 

Furthermore, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we offer highly personalized care so you can be sure your family member will be getting the best possible care around the clock.

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