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There’s no denying the many questions and concerns that arise when you or a loved one needs surgery, or there’s been an accident or illness. Sometimes caregivers cannot provide the level of care or meet the needs of someone recovering. In these situations, physicians will often recommend opting for short-stay rehabilitation. Short-stay rehabilitation consists of round-the-clock in-patient care and therapy for seniors. The focus is on offering an environment that promotes the balance needed for effective recovery in the shortest time possible.

How Short-Stay Rehabilitation Works & What To Expect

With the suggestion of short-stay rehabilitation after surgery or an illness, it is common to be apprehensive about recovering somewhere other than at home. This can stem from many places, such as anxiety around discomfort or a common misconception that short-stay rehabilitation is a nursing home. Bridge Care Suites is focused on being a stepping stone between a hospital or surgical center and returning home. The overall goal for all guests is to assist in the recovery process so that they may get back to everyday life with confidence, maximum levels of independence, and functional mobility.

BridgeCareSuites- Short-Stay Rehabilitation_ Nursing, Care, How It Works


Skilled Nursing is a specialized type of care that provides treatment and services that can only be performed by licensed registered or practical nurses and other medical professionals. The nursing and medical staff are vetted and hired directly by Bridge Care Suites. By doing this, third parties are eliminated, and the highest quality care can be ensured. To keep skills sharp and remain focused on each guest’s well-being, the BCS staff must participate in and meet monthly guidelines and standards. Additionally, continued education is a top priority in order to guarantee the nursing staff remains up to date on the newest and best health care practices. The nursing staff is on-site and available 24 hours, seven days a week.

As part of establishing each guest’s treatment and rehabilitation plan, the team at Bridge Care Suites works closely with each guest’s primary care physician or surgeon. Doing this provides a higher level and personalized care that can ensure a successful, smooth, and confident transition back home. Throughout each guest’s stay, the medical team at BCS remains in contact with physicians or surgeons. Continual communication allows the opportunity for any adjustments to be made if necessary, records remain current and eliminate any confusion for future care.

Care & Services 

Bridge Care Suites offers a wide range of specialized care and services. The length of each guest’s stay while receiving care is dependent on the type and amount of treatment needed and each guest’s recovery rate. On average, recovery time for muscular-related injuries is two to four weeks; tendon-related recovery is four to six weeks; bone-related recovery is six to eight weeks; ligament and cartilage-related recovery can take up to 12 weeks. Therapy sessions last anywhere from 30-90 minutes at least once a day.

Bridge Care Suites aims to provide an environment where guests can focus on their recovery. In an effort to relieve any stress, the guest care staff take care of scheduling all follow-up, or other appointments with doctors. Complimentary transportation services are provided to bring guests to and from their scheduled medical appointments. However, it is recommended that a family member or caregiver accompany their loved one at doctor appointments to help gather all needed information.

BridgeCareSuites-Short-Stay Rehabilitation_ Nursing, Care, How It Works

Specialized Care 

Nearly all guests will participate in physical and occupational therapy. Physical therapy helps to improve functional mobility, manage pain, rebuild and strengthen injuries or areas affected by a surgical procedure. When combined with occupational therapy, professionals assist in improving balance, ability to get dressed, and fine and gross motor skills.

Knee and hip replacements are among the most common surgeries for seniors. Afterward, Post-Orthopedic care is needed to achieve maximum range of motion, mobility, and quicker recovery time. Orthopedic surgeries and post-orthopedic care can include ankles, feet, shoulders, spine, wrists, hands – essentially anything bone-related. Because surgeries such as knee and hip replacements require the patient to be moving almost immediately after they wake up, many doctors suggest opting for short-term rehabilitation to reduce the risk of complications.

Respite Care is an invaluable service offered by Bridge Care Suites. The service is designed to give caregivers a planned, short-term break. Trained professionals take the caregiver’s place to allow time for themself, run errands, have a night out, or any other need. Respite care is not a service for daily care while the caregiver is at work.

The medical staff is able to provide wound care (which is vital to reduce the risk of infection and verify proper healing. Additionally, IV therapy, ostomy care, enteral feeds, dietary education, and guidance for managing diabetes are examples of popular services provided.

Paying For Your Stay At Bridge Care Suites

Navigating the parameters of healthcare coverage and payments can be overwhelming. It may seem as though the red tape or rules change daily. The good news: the administrative team at Bridge Care Suites stays up to date with the constantly shifting rules and regulations so that you don’t have to. The BCS team thoroughly combs through each patients’ insurance coverage and benefits. It is always encouraged for guests (or a trusted confidant or family member(s)) to have a general understanding of their insurance policy; this helps eliminate the risk of unexpected costs or fine-print exceptions.

Bridge Care Suites is a Medicare-certified facility. There are likely many questions that arise around benefits, what different policies cover, or if you or your loved one qualifies to receive Medicare coverage in a short-term rehabilitation facility. BCS has put together a simplified run-down of common questions and answers to get you started.

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