At the Bridge Care Suites, we have a unique respect for primary caregivers across Springfield, Illinois, who look after their ailing loved ones day in, day out. There’s an inner strength you have as a primary caregiver that keeps you going. You’re willing to go the extra mile for your loved ones to help give them the best quality of life possible. The sacrifices you make are seemingly endless–but it’s all worth it because of what that person means to you.

With all that said, you’re only human, not a superhero. At some point, you’re bound to face burnout from all the time you put into caregiving. In which case, you owe it to yourself and your loved one to take a break.

However, the family member or loved one you’re caring for still needs constant care. You can’t leave them alone, no matter how much you need a break. All the same, the only way you can continue caring for that special person in your life is by staying sharp–which means you need a break from time to time. 

Where are you to turn during those times when you’re too exhausted and need some emotional relief?

The answer is respite care, a service we offer at Bridge Care Suites, Springfield, Illinois’s #1 short-term rehabilitation facility. This blog will take a more in-depth look at what respite care at a short-term rehabilitation facility entails:

Defining Respite Care


When primary caregivers need brief rest and relief from caring for an aging or sick loved one, respite care gives them the break they need.  

While it is possible to receive this service in your own home, the kind of care being discussed in this blog is provided at a skilled nursing facility. More specifically, The Bridge Care Suites offers these services, including overnight stays – for however long you need. It could be for just a day or 2 or an entire vacation so you can restore your energy, find balance, and bolster your quality of life. 

Reaching out to a facility like The Bridge Care Suites will help you avoid the exhaustion, isolation, and burnout associated with caregiving.

What’s more, is how much respite care at a short-term rehab facility can help your ailing loved one or family member. They’ll benefit from a change of scenery, expert nursing care catered to their needs, and increased stimulation. 

Why is Respite Care Ideal Help Primary Caregivers Over the Long Term?

Many primary caregivers might feel a sense of guilt over needing a break and seeking respite services. It’s understandable–you’re passionate and committed to being there for your loved one/family member. 

When you’re so dedicated to being there for another person, it’s natural to have difficulty letting go. But receiving that support can do wonders for your own mental and physical health. In the long run, this will help you be a better caregiver–because you won’t be exhausted or feel suffocated. 

The hard reality is that you’re only human. By not taking the necessary time to recuperate and reset, you’re bound to run out of compassion and patience as a caregiver. It’s then likelier to damage your relationship with the family member/loved one you’re caring for. Meaning you’ll both struggle from the harmful effects of you not giving yourself the necessary break. 

Alternatively, once your ailing loved one/family member has spent time in a short-term rehab facility – like The Bridge Care Suites – you’ll both feel energized. Also, by taking your loved one to a short-term rehab facility for respite care, you’ll learn a few caregiving techniques. This way, you’ll improve your caregiving skills even further, making the long-term journey more rewarding and fulfilling. 


The Benefits of a Short-Term Rehab Care Facility

Your family member deserves the best level of care available–which is why it’s probably so difficult to find respite care that you’re 100% satisfied with. After all, you want to be 100% sure that the special person in your life is receiving the level of attention you offer 24/7.

Don’t worry, though. The skilled nursing services at a short-term rehab care facility ensure that your loved one or family member receives the attention they deserve. 

You aren’t just dropping your loved one off to be ignored or forgotten. Instead, every effort will be put into providing your loved one optimal comfort and quality of life during their stay.


What Does a Day Look Like at The Bridge Care Suites?

Social Events and Activities

While no one day is the same at the Bridge Care Suites, one thing remains consistent: all participants get to socialize. Here’s a list of some of the social events and activities we organize for our participants:

  • Community speakers
  • Music
  • Cooking classes
  • Creative art projects
  • Exercise sessions
  • And more!

Regardless of what’s planned, these activities and interactions are customized to meet our participants’ needs. Moreover, these enriching events are stimulating for participants and highly enjoyable. Caregivers can have peace of mind because they don’t need to worry about their loved one’s transportation to adult day centers. Travel is safe and organized while offering participants a sense of independence since they aren’t reliant on their caregiver for commuting.

Delicious and Nutritious Food

The Bridge Care Suites ensures participants enjoy high-quality dietitian-approved meals and refreshments. Participants also get to assist in the meal preparation and clean-up, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

Participant Well-Being is Top of Mind

Regular health assessments are part of our services. And participants get the help they need with daily living and activities. We also monitor blood pressure, podiatry care, dietary habits, and cognitive skills. Provided there are any changes, we report them to both the participant’s caregiver and healthcare provider.  Our expert team of nurses works alongside the participants’ doctors, meeting all medication, dietary, and other health/well-being requirements.

Keeping Physically Active 

The daily events run by the Bridge Care Suites keep our participants physically active and mentally sharp. It’s also a chance for our participants to interact with others. Everyone gets to lead an exercise or choose a favorite game, which leads to plenty of joy and laughter – both crucial for one’s well-being. 

Need Respite From Being a Primary Caregiver? Give Us a Call.

There’s nothing wrong with needing a break from your role as a primary caregiver. Doing so helps reinvigorate your spirit so you can be there – even more – for your ailing loved one/family member. If you’re starting to feel burned out as a primary caregiver – and you live in Springfield, Illinois – reach out to The Bridge Care SuitesOur short-term rehabilitation has all the high-end facilities, resources, and amenities that your loved one deserves. Most importantly, we’ll treat them with the same level of attention and empathy you offer every day.