Bridge Care Suites was recently featured on a segment of Newschannel 20 Marketplace, a lifestyle show on ABC affiliate WICS in Springfield, Illinois.

The segment was hosted by Nathalie Moreau, who welcomed Bridge Care Suites administrator Cindy Schaaf. Schaaf then gave an update on the short-term rehabilitation center, first describing the types of patients that can benefit from BCS and later providing information on changes taking place in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Schaaf, BCS accepts patients from everywhere, but mostly sees those in need of post-surgical assistance. This can include patients recovering from a hip fracture, back surgery or orthopedic procedure. BCS also works with patients recovering from severe strokes, automobile accidents and cardiac issues, and even has hospice care for those nearing the end of life. The facility can also accommodate those in need of skilled nursing assistance like IV wound care, live vests, health assessments and, most recently, crucial testing for COVID-19.

In the wake of the pandemic, BCS has stepped up its precautions around the rehab facility, including checking temperatures whenever anyone enters the building, Schaaf said. Staff are required to wear PPEs and are tested before, halfway through and at the end of their shift. 

New patients must provide a negative COVID test before they are placed in a private room with a private bathroom and toilet. Upon arrival, patients are required to self-quarantine in their room for 14 days unless they are attending a therapy session. Therapy rooms are only being used by one patient at a time and are thoroughly cleaned with a sanitary mist in-between visits, Schaaf said.

The facility’s transportation van is also sanitized after every trip and drivers must always wear appropriate PPEs, Schaaf said. 

Newschannel 20 Marketplace features a variety of guests spotlighting businesses and products in the Springfield region. It is hosted by Nathalie Moreau and airs weekdays at 11:30 a.m.

Anyone interested in a stay at the Bridge Care Suites for short-term rehabilitation should call (217) 787-0000